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East Valley Feeding Therapy, LLC

Helping To Find Answers to Your Child's Feeding Struggles

Poor weight gain

Volume limiting

Delayed oral motor skills

Selective Eating

Sensory Feeding Difficulties

Swallowing difficulties

No matter what the issue is, mealtimes should not be a struggle. If you are finding that you are dreading when it is time to feed your child please reach out for help with feeding therapy. 

You have arrived to the place where you can find answers to your child's feeding difficulties. With a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you solve your mealtime struggles and begin enjoying food with your child! 

What We Do

What We Do



At East Valley Feeding Therapy, we are passionate about helping children with feeding difficulties reach their full potential. We work with families providing a range of individualized services to meet the needs of each child, from infants to teens.

Our approach to feeding therapy is focused on the whole child, taking into account their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. We strive to provide a safe and positive environment that encourages children to explore and learn about food in a fun and supportive way.

With parents and families as primary partners in the advancement of feeding we can address oral motor skills, develop a positive relationship with food and expand a child's food repertoire. 

When referrals are needed we have professionals in the community that we collaborate and work with to provide comprehensive and multifaceted care. 

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Therapy Evaluation

The first step in the process is a complimentary phone consultation. We'll discuss your child's unique needs and address any questions you may have.

Next, we will schedule a formal evaluation and conduct a thorough review of past medical records, feeding history, and a current feeding report. We also perform a comprehensive assessment of your child's oral motor structures, as well as their gross and fine motor skills. 

In addition to the above, we conduct a detailed sensory assessment, which is instrumental in formulating a personalized feeding plan. 


Treatment Plan

The frequency of treatment will depend on your goals, your child's overall development and availability.  A home program will also be provided to allow you to work with your child towards therapy goals in between sessions. Therapy occurs in the home or via tele-therapy with close collaboration with family to determine the needed supplies for each session and review of progress.  Sessions last 55 minutes. 


Progress and Discharge

 Progress will be evaluated at every therapy session. We believe in the importance of ongoing assessment to make timely adjustments and track your child's development.

The ultimate objective of therapy is to empower your child with the skills and abilities they need to thrive independently. When the time is right, we will discuss discharge planning, aiming for a successful transition to a life without the need for further therapy

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Does My Child Need Feeding Therapy? 

Is it Just "picky eating"?
My child eats just "not enough". 
My child is struggling to chew solid foods. 
My child prefers to drink meals. 

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Your Child May Benefit From Feeding Therapy If You Notice Any of the Following:

  • Child eliminates entire food groups

  • Child eliminates foods that require advanced chewing skills

  • Child relies on formula for adequate nutrition

  • Child pockets or orally holds food in cheeks or spits food out after chewing

  • Child eats small volumes of food throughout the day or "grazes"

Feeding difficulties are unique to every child. When a child has a feeding difficulty it can become all-consuming for families and can interfere with daily living in a multitude of ways.

Using a child-led approach to feeding we help address the difficulties your child is facing and help your family move forward with happy and stress free mealtimes. 


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My name is Jennifer Urich MS, OTR/L  and I am the owner of East Valley Feeding Therapy. I am a mother of three grown children and two spoiled pups.  Originally from Oregon I have been in Arizona for over 20 years and raised my children here. I received my bachelor's degree in psychology from Arizona State University and later pursued my master's in occupational therapy from A.T. Still University.  I have worked with children in some capacity for over 30 years. I have specialized in feeding as an occupational therapist and worked on multidisciplinary teams at Phoenix Children's Hospital for over 10 years. I  have developed feeding groups and various feeding programs at clinics and treated privately in home. 

In my experience, I have never treated two children that have identical feeding difficulties. This is a complex and multi-factorial problem that families face. Children with enteral feeding tube nutrition and those that require formula supplementation face different challenges than those with severely selective eating. Each family system is unique as is each family's perspective of the feeding difficulty.  


School-age children face challenges that require additional support outside of the family system. 


I am here to help navigate the different aspects of feeding and to help support families to move forward and make feeding enjoyable for the child. I use a child-led approach with natural tools in my therapy session.  

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